Vanaf dinsdag 5 oktober start Martha met wekelijkse meditatiesessies in de avonduren in de Gibraltar. Er start een sessie om 18:30 uur en een om 19:30 uur. De eerste meditatie is voor mannen en vrouwen die ge├»nteresseerd zijn in meditatie. De tweede meditatie is speciaal voor zwangere vrouwen.

De meditaties worden gegeven in het Engels. De kosten zijn 10 euro per keer. Aanmelden via Martha:

My name is Martha and I am a practicing meditation instructor and certified Holistic Counsellor. I firmly believe that creating more happiness lies in getting to know ourselves better. So for this reason, it is my singular mission to create an enviroment of learning so that whomever I work with can take away exactly what it is they need to create their own positive life experiences.

6.30-7.15 // Exploring Meditation.

This is a one hour class of exploring 3-4 different exercises of meditation for the pure joy of just experiencing them. This class is for anyone who wants to know a little bit more about what they are being asked to do while meditating. From Sanskrit Chants to beautiful Visualisations – this is a fun and explorative class and you leave feeling rested and relaxed.

  • 1 hour class
  • I lead the class through 3 different meditation techniques each week.
  • I explain what the exercises are and why they are doing them.
  • Great for those wanting to manage stress, anxiety but also just to explore meditation a bit more.

7.30-8.30 // Meditation for Pregnancy.

An hour of relaxation using meditation techniques tailored specifically for the pregnant body and mind. Women who practice meditation during pregnancy typically enjoy more manageable births and also have a significantly lower risk rate of developing Post Natal Depression.

  • 1 hour class
  • Dedicated relaxation and meditation for the purpose of unwinding during pregnancy.
  • This is a specialised meditation class with 3-4 tailored meditations each week for the pregnant body and mind.